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MindSoft System Optimizer
for Windows 8, Windows 7, Wiindows Vista and Windows XP

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MindSoft System Optimizer includes:

Memory Optimizer
While your RAM is being used by software, you find yourself waiting for programs to load and windows to open. Well, not anymore. For Windows to operate smoothly, a certain level of memory is required for every program you wish to use. MindSoft Memory Optimizer is tailor made for attaining just that. With this program you can look at the amount of RAM used by your computer and eliminate programs that are wasting valuable RAM.

▪ Your PC running faster

▪ Open programs and windows faster

▪ Faster Internet navigation and email reading

System Accelerator
Programs start faster and application performance speeds increase even if other processes are trying to slow your PC down. Defragment your Windows registry and data so your PC can start faster than ever!

▪ Speed up your PC

▪ Optimize and defrag your Windows registry

▪ Run your programs faster

Is it usual for you to start up the computer and run a chore before actually starting your session with your PC? Maybe it is because you have learned from experience that the time it takes for your computer to start up - you might as well have taken a coffee break. MindSoft boasts an indispensable utility in the shape of MindSoft StartUp which is targeted specifically at shortening the startup time of your computer.

▪ Your computer starts faster

▪ Stop unwanted programs from loading at start up

▪ Avoid having to format your PC making it faster

Includes Automatic RAM optimizer. Improve your system memory without user intervention.
Download | Buy now ($2.95 USD)

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