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MindSoft has been successfully developing and selling software, specially utilities and security products for both PC and PocketPC for 10 years now. We want to thank your support and confidence in MindSoft and ask you to let us show you our new wide range of products. We are very proud of our advanced technology and we also want you to be so. Welcome again!

Legal information

All the available products, distributed and sold from this website and or through any media, telephone or ordinary mail have been created with legally adquired development tools and with original licences. MindSoft is the trade mark with which all the wide range of items in catalog are offered by the developer. Trade mark rights reserved.



We would like to thank all the media for editing, publishing, promoting and, overall, pampering our products. We also wish to thank a whole group of registered users who have contributed to create a market for all the MindSoft products and gain all the prestige we are already enjoying worldwide.

MindSoft es una marca registrada. Marcas españolas números 2.421.675 y 2.421.676, marca mixta clases 9ª y 42ª a favor de D. Javier Rodríguez Domínguez. Boletín Oficial de la Propiedad Industrial, 16 de Mayo de 2002.

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Javier Rodríguez
Chairman and CEO


Legal Information

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