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MindSoft Clean Up & Repair
for Windows 8, Windows 7, Wiindows Vista and Windows XP

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MindSoft Clean Up & Repair includes:

Disk Cleaner
MindSoft CleanUp is an advanced hard disk cleaner able to erase useless files in a quick and professional manner. We might brag about being organized, but redundant and useless files still end up taking a sizable part of our Hard Disks. While trying to find and manually deleting these files could take time, MindSoft CleanUp is a utility that can reduce the work to a matter of minutes.

▪ No more junk files

▪ Recover hard drive space

▪ Get rid of waseful fiels

Registry Doctor
Fixes some of the worst problems in Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP including incorrect file associations and errors that occur during program installations. It also spares you from having to make potentially dangerous edits to system files or your Windows registry.

▪ A more stable PC

▪ Avoid software errors

▪ Get rid of dangeours data

Registry Backup
Not only does Mindsoft Registry Backup cater to a single backup, but you can have multiple backups as well. With the Registry Backup you can rest easy; even if your system registry did get corrupt or is running slow and no other tool is working for you - the MindSoft Registry Backup can restore the backed up registry taking you back in time, and bring your system back to life.

▪ Go back in time whenever you need

▪ Recover your PC from wrong cleanings

▪ Protect yourself against Windows errors

System Accelerator
Programs start faster and application performance speeds increase even if other processes are trying to slow your PC down. Defragment your Windows registry and data so your PC can start faster than ever!

▪ Speed up your PC

▪ Optimize and defrag your Windows registry

▪ Run your programs faster

Includes Unnatended Cleaning and Problem Fix. Clean and Fix your PC without any user intervention.
Download | Buy now ($2.95 USD)

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